We understand how difficult it can be to get a grasp of what a citation is and how to reference using different styles. For that reason we built referencing.io, a tool that allows you to fix your academic references. We help with harvard referencing, oscola referencing, apa referencing and other styles. We also help fix your in text citations, footnotes and bibliography.

Our academics and developers have years of experience in academic references and citations. Our goal is to make sure you improve your academic references so that you do not miss easy marks.


Our mission is to help every student entering academia and every academic spend their time effectively. Education should be an inspiring process without the hurdles of tedious tasks. Referencing.io is on a mission to making this a reality.


Referencing.io is founded by professional academics and developers from the UK. Your references will be checked by an academic. Not only will we help you save time, we will make sure the quality is always unquestionable. You will improve your academic references and learn how to cite properly.

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