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Harvard Style Format

Harvard Style Formatting – An Easy Guide

Unlike other referencing styles, the Harvard style format does not have an official manual and there are many versions that can be adopted. This guide aims to take the best and most common features of every version and combine them into the optimal Harvard format style.

The Basics:

  • The top, bottom and sides of your page should have a 1 inch margin!


  • Every new paragraph should start with an indent, typically about half an inch!


  • Use Times New Roman Font in size 12!


  • Double space the entire paper! This means that the space between lines of text should be set to 2.0.


  • Remember to include page numbers in the top right


Cover Page:

Overall, your cover page should look something like this:

Harvard Style Cover


Unlike other formats, the Harvard format style features the title of the essay in big upper-case letters at the top of the page. This is then followed slightly further down the page by your name and if required, your student number. Then closer to the bottom of the page, you will state the name of course, your tutor, your university or institution, and the due date, all on separate lines.


Every page following the cover page should feature a header in the top right corner of the page. This will rest in line with the top and right side 1 inch margin.


Similar to the APA style, the Harvard formats header should feature an abbreviated version of the title, followed by the page number.

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