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Free academic referencing and citation scanner that identifies your mistakes immediately for all style of referencing.
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Academic Referencing
Our academic referencing check makes sure that you have made note of every source you used according to the proper format. Whether you are unsure of how to use Harvard referencing or APA referencing, we will make sure your reference list and bibliography are done properly! Upload your essay today!
In addition to our referencing check, our citations check makes sure you have given credit to academics properly. Whether you are using APA format or OSCOLA referencing for your Law essay, we will go through your essay or dissertation and fix all the errors we find. Don't lose marks where you don't need to!


Frequently Asked Questions

No! Your essay will not be put through any database like turnitin or others. We ensure that your work remains yours.

Your references will be checked and fixed by one of our academics who specialises in the particular referencing style you selected. We hand-pick each academic and make sure that they are knowledgable and receive regular training!

Using the thousands of papers we check, we are in the process of training an algorithm to spot citation and referencing mistakes. This will help you identify where you have gone wrong immediately.

No. We are dedicated to making sure that we work with universities throughout the UK and US so that we help students and academics save time and improve their output. Referencing falls under the category of formatting in most institutions which means that you are allowed to get support on it.

This saved me so much time for my final year dissertation. Did exactly what I needed when I needed it!
Anika Murrell

Law Graduate

Trying to juggle teaching with my own research takes so much time. Often times when I submit a paper to a journal I get it sent back with fixes required for my references. Thankfully I found and now I only submit once.
Alejandra Morales

Assistant Professor

I have never got the hang of referencing and I always struggle with it. Luckily now I can get help with it from professional academics who have shown me what I've been doing wrong.
Abdullah Al-Thani

MBA Graduate

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